The Land of Splendor

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The Land of Splendor

Post by Tofu on Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:28 pm

RPG thread round 1


Thread backup (thanks tree!):

World Map is at the spreadsheet.

Heyias forum, ToFu here!

Edit: Summarized version? Its a fantasy RPG using RTD mechanics of dice rolling, with these rules:

1) Create two separate characters. You should include information about location, gender, age, class, and can also extend into more depth if you so desire into traits, masteries, and personality. As the Game Master i reserve myself the right to deny some aspects of your characters that i deem inbalanced, but for the most part i wont get in the way.

2) You control the first turn of your character. Meaning that if the game is ongoing and you just noticed the thread, you can join the action immediately.

3) You have two turns per each 2 days, and each character can only be used once per 2 days.

4) Creatures summoned by summoners, wizards, witches, warlocks, necromancers, druids, acolytes and other mystical energy/holyness/profanity/magic users are all under the control of the Game Master. You can tell them what you want them to do, but that ends your turn.

5) Spells can do gamebreaking things, try abusing that. If you are not a mage class, nothing prevents you from acquiring (by any means) powerful artifacts, or for praying at Churches or Temples (or less humble and holy ritual locations). However, all prayers and gamebreaking spells's success rate depends on a diceroll by the Game Master.

Healing spells are not gamebreaking, neither are damage spells, summoning spells, fusion spells or teleportation spells.

Resurrection spells, Instant-Death, Curses, and really big explosions, however, all fall under the domain of the Dice. The domain of the dice meaning, if i roll a 7 or better its a success, with 12 being absolute epic success.

A roll of 2-6 means you didnt succeed and ran out of magic power, or luck, or whatever other resource you were relying on.

6) Winning is determined by achieving Emperor rank. This is the rank list:


Tyrant King



State Leader

Knight of the Crown

That Rich Merchant


Do not mix these up with Titles - they are a MEASURING SCALE. For example, you dont have to be a merchant to "level up" to That Rich Merchant rank, nor do you have to get a horse, armor and sword to become Knight Rank. How to level up? Il take each character's achievements into account and level them up myself.

7) Have fun!

Okay so those are the rules. In addition to those do bear in mind the Forum Rules of course, and do try to be pleasant. If your characters die, you can summon new ones. I reserve myself the right to edit these rules in case anything wasnt clear enough.

Characters (Updated):

Deadmind's creations:

Mateus, Void Mage. Level 4. Experience: 410/500. Last played the 4th. Rank 3.
Revan "the Phantom", Assassin (and his pet, Lich!). Level 4. Experience: 415/500. Last played the 4th. Rank 1.

Supreme's creations:

Acryt, The Celestial Sage. Level 4. Experience: 10/500. Last played the 30th. Rank 2.
Tyro, Elemental Ninja. Level 4. Experience: 0/500. Last played the 30th. Rank 2.

DragonOfTime's creations:

Theodosius, The Ancient One. Level 4. Experience: 400/500. Last played the 17th. Rank 2.
Sir Rodrik Waters. Level 3. Experience: 135/180. Last played the 4th. Rank 2.

TBChunter's creations:

Vorak the Terrible, Atrocity of Evil. Level 4. Experience: 170/500. Last played the 4th. Rank 2.
Rravgnor the Harbinger. Level 3. Experience: 35/180. Last played the 4th.

Arboreal's creations:

Alexis, Mystical Warrior. Level 4. Experience: 365/500. Last played the 17th. Rank 3.
Skegg, Predator. Level 3. Experience: 30/180. Last played the 17th. Rank 2.

WatcherOfSky's creations:

Cyrus Treck, Common Thief. Level 2. Experience: 0/80. Last played the 4th. Rank 1.
Malcom Something, Proud Warrior. Level 2. Experience: 0/80. Last played the 4th. Rank 1.



(You can set your forum clock to GMT when playing in your profile options if you want)

Leveling up your characters is important, it unlocks new abilities for them, or strenghtens their current ones.
So is forming secret alliances and using your 2 daily turns wisely.

Good luck everybody, and have fun ^_^


In a turn, before you start typing away, you should reflect on the game's current circumstances and how character Rank progression is evolving. You should ask yourself "what can i access to speed up my character's evolution?" "what heroes do i have to avoid or forcefully ally myself with?" "Should i just farm experience and abilities by training my characters?" and also a few dark thoughts like "what character is currently winning that i should harass?" "can i get a kill off of this scheme?"

In a nutshell, its a freeforall game, so dont be shy to ask questions like these in a PM to the Game Master. You should also be wary that MOBILITY is important. You want to get wherever you need to be as fast as you can, and also fast to run from players hunting you.

Just some things to keep in mind. Gotta up the tension in here ^_^

Also, as a guideline: You dont always have to set a specific goal in each of your posts. Though of course, it is recommended and makes the game more fun. But if you do happen not to set anything specific, stuff will surely still happen when your turn gets resolved, meaning you are giving the Game Master a chance to trigger a random event upon dice roll. If its a Failure roll, it will activate something bad, and if its a success, or epic, it will be good or really really good.

As for battles between heroes: Several things affect these. 1st off, their attributes. If one of them is weak to what the other one is strong at, expect it to get hurt. Additionally, there are 2 dicerolls, and the diference between the numbers of the rolls will affect how the battle went. Finally, whatever buffs, artifacts, and levels each has can also be useful to them in a fight. Just dont expect a level 6 wizard to win a boxing fight with a 9 meter tall level 2 ogre. Some traits such as physical strenght only get better depending on race and class. Wizards for example, dont get physically stronger as they level up. Just like fighters will not be able to use spells unless they evolve into a hybrid class (and even so they could only use easy to medium level spells)

All characters can use any buff or pray to any deity as long as it doesnt seem out of place, and while this decides your turn and may turn out to be a temporary buff (or even a permanent karma status effect... or curse!) it can be useful with luck. You just wont know unless you try!

Thats all for now,

Your Game Master for this round, ToFu.



Morphalon is a pyramid located in the burning hot desert (unless you are a small little snow cone, im pretty sure even if you dont like the heat you can get there though) (...please dont transform other players into small little snow cones)

Inside this pyramid, is a UNSTABLE dimensional rift. Once you enter, a boss battle or dungeon crawling event will happen. Of course, entering this pyramid uses up a turn. It is NOT safe to enter before you are level 4.

The dimensional rift is only useable once in a while, and is "first come, first served" (whoever gets in first, gets the event. it will then close and remain closed for a while)

As i know someone would ask sooner or later: Yes, a party of heroes can all enter at the same time if it is open.

Currently, Morphalon is OPEN.





Uggrak, The Giant Ogre Slave Master. Level 2. Slain by Arthus.
Fangora Lestoat, Vampiress of Assassinations. Level 3. Experience: 0/180. Last played the 1st. Slain by Eternion.
Crashak, The Slayer. Level 3. Experience: 0/180. Last played the 3rd. Slain by Berlith.
Svern Crumplestiltskin, Insane Gnome Barbarian (and his companion Honey Badger, Francis!). Level 3. Experience: 50/180. Played last the 6th. Slain by Adam Phillip's Demogorgon video.
Igot, Epic Dollmaker's Soul. Level 3. Experience: 55/180. Last played the 6th. Slain by Argent.
Amarillo Yorlii, Shapeshifter. Level 3. Experience: 0/180. Last played the 14th. Slain by the Spiky Thing.
Aggrok the Filthy, Scourge of the Plaguelands. Level 2. Experience: 50/80. Last played the 14th. Slain by delicious chicken.
Cealruil, The High Spirited Elven Prince of Tarcia. Level 4. Experience: 30/500. Last played the 14th. Rank 2. Slain by Gargoyle of Power.
Vekoslav, the Tundra Ogre. Level 3. Experience: 105/180. Last played the 14th. Slain by ragequit. Still alive, and pickup-able as an NPC (just like Svern)
Thagor, Volcano Dwarf. Level 3. Experience: 45/180. Last played the 8th. MIA
Shlagim, Cave Dwarf (and his wolverine friend, Fferver!). Level 3. Experience: 0/180. Last played the 8th.
Xedlaar "Blood Letter" Kmmen, Fire Demon of Carnage. Level 4. Experience: 75/500. Last played the 6th.


Announcement: From now on, summoners have UNLIMITED NUMBER OF LIVES. Their number of playable characters remains limited to 2 on the field however.

Q: What does this mean?

A: That when you have less than 2 characters on the field due to reasons of death, you can create a new character.

Q: So, its just an infinit reset button?

A: Not at all. From now on, players have Total Levels.

Q: Total Levels? What the?

A: Allow me to explain.

Lets say, a player has a level 5 character and a level 2 character. The level 5 character died.

When you go to make your new character, this Total Level system triggers. The math equation is:

(Graveyard + Field + 1) / 3

It is rounded up.

So in the provided example, 5+2+1 = 8. Divided by 3 and rounded up that means 3.

Your new character to replace the level 5 character that dies begins with a power level of 3.

But! It doesnt begin at level 3, it begins at level 1! And the amount of experience to level up is not affected!

So, by the time it reaches level 5, it is as powerful as a standard level 7 character instead of a level 5 one.

The higher your new character's initial power level, the more lenient i shall be towards backstory for the character. Think of it as "dying isnt all too bad.... Now i can make the story more interesting" and also as a way to bypass certain obstacles by amassing Total level.

If any doubts trouble you, feel free to PM, as always.

Your GM for this round,



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Re: The Land of Splendor

Post by Tofu on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:25 pm

This is the second post. Here I put small notes of stuff i have to do or am waiting to see done, so I can keep track of the RPG's development.

Mateus is undergoing resolution. Progress is at 35%


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